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Liberal Party NEC Statement – The Escalation of Hostilities between Israel and Iran
The Liberal Party notes with increasing concern the escalation in hostilities between Israel and Iran in the wake of the 7th October attack on Israel and the subsequent invasion of Gaza.

This weekend’s mass drone attack on Israel by Iran has been provoked by increasing attacks on Iranian linked targets in Lebanon, including its consular, an Israeli response to earlier provocations by Hezbollah.

Any Israeli policy of widening the regional conflict has no justification or purpose, other than perhaps to keep its Prime Minister and his allies in power and delay accountability for the wholly disproportionate action taken in Gaza.

The Liberal Party believes that the Israeli campaign in Gaza has long gone far beyond any justification on the grounds of self-defence Israel and that international pressure must now be brought to bear to impose a lasting ceasefire across the region. That must include the resumption of unhindered humanitarian aid to Gaza, reconstruction of the civilian infrastructure including hospitals, school and universities, and progress to a lasting two state solution to bring lasting peace to the region.

Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR.

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