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Liberal Party NEC Statement – The Prospects of Famine in Gaza
The Liberal Party views with grave concern the increasing media reports of acute food shortages in the Gaza Strip.

The prospect of famine now looms over the region almost 6 months since the Hamas attack of 7th October 2023 unleashed an increasingly punitive Israeli response, which has now gone far beyond that needed to secure Israel’s borders.

Having effectively rendered the Gaza Strip uninhabitable with little in the way of functional public services or medical facilities, Israel now stands increasingly isolated on the internation stage due to its refusal to allow the international community to intervene on behalf of the Palestinian population.

The Liberal Party supports calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to allow the resumption of humanitarian food deliveries to the besieged area under international supervision.

This must then be followed by intense international action to isolate Hamas, restore a viable Gaza to its civilian population and implement a 2-state solution to the regional conflict.

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