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Liberal Councillor Responds to Planned Housing development in Honiton, East Devon
BBC regional news has reported that Lib Dem East Devon District Council’s planning committee has approved the construction of 115 new homes at Middle Northcote Farm, near Honiton by building firm, Taylor Wimpey.

Liberal Councillor Roy Collins (Honiton St Michaels) said he had worked at the farm as a teenager in 1968 and argued that it was a "heritage site" that should not be touched. 
It was home, he stated to a wide diversity of wildlife including bats and otters.
"I hope we will turn this down because it is unfair on the people of Honiton," he said. “It shouldn’t be allowed."
The development was opposed by residents highlighting the potential loss of their peace and privacy.

The Liberal Party believes that housing developments much be proportionate and sympathetic to the local community with developers’ Section 106 contribution used to properly fund expanded local services.

The full text of the article can be found on the BBC website by search for the title: More than 100 new homes approved near Honiton.

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