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Liberal Party NEC Statement – Compensation for the Injustices of the Horizon Post Off
The Liberal Party urge’s government to fast-track recognition of the injustice done to so many sub-masters by instituting an all-embracing cancellation of flawed convictions and a fast-track compensation scheme.

We believe that the government must investigate seriously the claim civil servants misled ministers on an industrial scale by scrutinising all civil service ministerial briefings on the issue and making that evidence public.

The party however notes that 4 years after the first convictions were overturned in this long running case of the miscarriage of justice, it has taken an ITV drama,  Mr Bates v The Post office to galvanise parliament to act.

We also recognise this case is not exceptional. For example, the case of victims of contaminated factor 8 blood have not been universally compensated after decades of neglect.

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