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Empathetic Liberalism - The Liberal Challenge to the Excesses of Populism
Liberalism is our cause. The word has been abused and misused more than most in politics.

We believe that one of the greatest dangers faced today is the rise of populism from both the left and right. Many movements have honourable objectives, but unchecked some can go too far and lead to imbalance and injustice. That is where liberals have a part to play. We must stand up for individual rights but balanced with common sense and compassion.

For that reason, we propose the slogan ‘Empathetic Liberalism’. We will fight for the individual, but we never lose sight of the feelings of any. That will require us to speak up against the excesses of certain political movements that transcend party politics. In our view, we must be brave and resist the ‘cancel culture’ and movements that seek to impose guilt for past wrongs on the generations or demonise those whose views do not correspond to the latest fashion. We  must be anti-populist and brave. In practical terms, we need to adopt specific causes as a party and champion the underdog, particularly if that involves taking risk.

Allan Steele WS, Defence Spokesperson
Motion adopted at Liberal Party Assembly October 7th 2023

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