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I will be brave and start the thread on this subject, are we better IN! or OUT! ? I believe Britain is better being part of the union but it must be reformed, so what do people think, what should Britain's relationship be with Europe, closer with Britain leading the way or do we sit on the edge and let Europe tell us? Undecided
I used to be a staunch Eurosceptic, but have changed my mind. I believe that we need to be part of the European Union, but that the EU needs reform.
A politician is a person with whose politics you don't agree; if you agree with him he's a statesman. (David Lloyd George).
I keep looking at this issue and in keep coming down to the opinion that we would be better in than out. Being outside of the Union is causing no end of problems for a lot of people in Norway who are finding that they have to abide by EU decisions but have no input into them. However, if we are to stay in the EU there needs to be some major changes. This does not have to require treaty changes but it does require that certain things in the treaty are clearly spelled out and given a definite meaning. One example is the freedom of movement - which originally only applied to labour.

More importantly we need to set about getting a Fundamental Law in the UK. A legal principle within the EU is that EU law cannot override a national Fundamental Law. That is why France and Italy are able to do so much more for their farmers than we can in the UK as farmers are protected as part of their Fundamental Laws.

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