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Merseyside Liberal Association - Save the Liverpool Tourist Information Centre
The Merseyside Liberal Association notes with grave concern the potential closure of the Liverpool Tourist Information Centre and the redundancy of its staff.
The tourism industry is vital to the Liverpool region, in 2019 Liverpool was the 5th most visited city in the UK for international visitors and 4th in England for domestic visitors.
Visitors to the region bring in over £3.5 billion in revenue, whilst directly and indirectly employing over 38000 people(Source Tourism Data Summary June 2022 NorthWest Research & Strategy).
Whilst the party understands that Liverpool City Council is facing a budget deficit of over £70 million, cuts to a service which generates employment and income is both short sighted and counter productive if the council is to grow revenues and income.
A cost analysis would show the positive contribution to the region of a service which assist directly and indirectly over 41 million visits in the period 2021/22, but now risks being lost along with their local knowledge and warm welcome to visitors to the region.

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