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Liberal Party Leader Steve Radford in Liverpool Radio call for communal bins offer
“Following the annual profile of pest control call outs in the Liverpool Echo , I called on Radio Merseyside this morning(3rd Jan 2023) to urge an extension of the offer of communal bins for potential areas like Townsend Lane and the Month Roads.

Where communal bins have been offered and supported by resident's, pest control call outs have dropped by 70% and recycling rates improved by 28%.

Obviously, a consultation would be needed, and we respect if neighbours determined either way.
Communal bins will not solve every problem but have been proven to make significant improvements and be a long-term cost saving in a council shackled by financial stress.

May i add regular preventative rat baiting has proven to be cost effective and we continue to support this work with a contribution from our neighbourhood funds”

Cllr Steve Radford, leader of the Liberal Party

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