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Liberal Party NEC Statement - The Glasgow COP26 Summit Final Agreement
The Liberal Party welcomes the final agreement of the COP26 summit in Glasgow but notes that it has failed to deliver the immediate cuts to global emissions need to prevent global temperature change of more than 1.5C.
Whilst we support steps to reduce the use of coal as a fuel, the trajectory of climate change without further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions still leaves the world facing a bleak future along with many coastal and island states.
The Liberal Party fully recognises that governments in the developed world have pressing economic and social commitments during the current Covid pandemic, but they must double their efforts to promote green technology at home and assist developing countries to do likewise.
To this end the failure of the developed world to deliver on promises of financial aid to vulnerable countries is a gross economic injustice.
When the world convenes for COP27 in Egypt in one years’ time efforts to tackle climate change will necessitate further steep cuts in global emissions to stay on track for a sustainable and inhabitable planet.

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