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Liberal Party President - Postpone Local Elections
Dear Editor

This afternoon I watched prime Ministers question and the reply that the decision to postpone the local elections in May was under review.

This seems to avoid key considerations already known.

Firstly the mutant virus is far more contagious than the initial virus.

Secondly that the medical authorities will be unable to deliver both injections needed for the vaccine prior to the end of March when the local elections nomination period begins.

Thirdly , there is no way to protect election workers from residents who may vote without a facemask under current legal framework.

Local elections require candidates collect ten nomination signatures late March early April- this can not be done practically and keep social distancing.

For these reasons alone a clear decision to postpone or the provision of a universal postal vote should now be made.

This decision should be done in the interests of public health, protecting election and polling staff , being British we should not allow this to become a political football in sharp contrast to the USA.

Cllr Steve Radford
President of The Liberal Party

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