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Liberal Party NEC Statement on the Current One Month COVID Lockdown
The Liberal Party observes the reinstatement of a national lockdown to contain the renewed spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Whilst the party understands the urgent need to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed and to flatten the curve such a move will greatly impact further on society and business which will only be partly mitigated by the renewal of the furlough scheme.

The current situation has come about partly through the policies of government but equally a significant minority of the population has lacked the maturity to adhere to basic social distancing rules and restrictions on the size of public gathering which have accelerated the spread of the disease to older age groups.

The Liberal Party calls upon the government to support a national shielding scheme for care homes and at risk individuals by organising for immediate family members to be tested and if free of infection, to be suitably trained and provided with PPE so they can visit safely and offer support.

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