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Liberal Party NEC statement - Postal Vote for the May 2021 Election's
The Liberal Party remains concerned at the prospects for the local, Mayoral and PCC elections now provisionally scheduled for May 2021.
The running of the election cycle at the height of the pandemic in May 2020 would have needlessly exposed polling staff, as well as the electorate to COVID-19 and the suspension of the polls was the right and sensible thing to do.
At the same time rolling over the election cycles for a second time as well as the accumulating by-elections will increase the complexity of the election process when it resumes with increased numbers of seats and candidates on the ballot.
We would therefore support an all postal ballot in May 2021 and would therefore encourage the electorate to ensure they have registered to do so via their local council electoral services. We believe a further postponement should be a last resort only.
Where necessary additional funding should be provided to local authorities to allow them to print, distribute, collect, and process postal ballots in a secure and timely fashion therefore guarantee the integrity of the election process.

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