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Social Media
I have seen different threads before about Social Media and the development within the party and use of social media as well as ideas on how to promote the party further so I thought I would offer a few ideas on what I think could help us move forward. 

Firstly, I know that there exists both a Liberal Party and Youth Liberal Party pages on facebook however I have noticed especially from more left leaning Party's that an independent page/blog is used to promote their policies and ideas. Labour has Another Angry Voice which I see quite often. This allows content to be shared without necessarily pushing people away through the association of a political party. Alternatively I think a more active facebook page would be beneficial.

Another proposal is more a personal thing but despite being a member for nearly a year I still know very little about the Party itself, I don't even know if there is anyone in Devon who is a member, let alone looking to be elected to local councils or in a General election therefore I would like to propose we use social media to network amongst our membership as I still feel a bit on the outside. 

Finally, a slight tangent but for Party promotion I could if wanted look at trying to establish a society at University (I am at Swansea University). Currently there is a socialist and conservative society so I feel it could be possible to attract new members or at least gain interest. Also with younger people developing a greater political voice I feel it may be worth trying to tap into this to promote the Party further. I study War and Society also so I know a lot of the Lecturers and Students studying politics and related subjects so hopefully would be able to find a decent crowd to make it worthwhile.
Thank you for your comments.

We have a heavy and active prsence on Twitter and a branch in Devon, the details of which are on the party website, .

Our party policy documents are available there too, including motions passed at the annual Assembly as well as open NEC meetings which act as Special Assemblies to formulate policy.

We would welcome opportunities to expand out presence locally and we are always happy to discuss the propsects for standing for election with any interested Liberals.

For the moment I won't be standing just for the fact that I will be living in Swansea rather than at home and I am unsure of my plans post-Uni. Thanx for the details.

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