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Open letter to the BBC - BBC's election coverage and info-graphics.
"To whom it may concern,
We note with interest that Change UK: The Independent Group is listed among the parties mentioned in much of the BBC’selection coverage and info-graphics.
TIG is fielding 3 candidates and has had no members directly elected into any chamber in the United Kingdom. While it
has held 5 seats in Westminster during the last Parliamentary session, none of these MPs had been elected by the
public on a TIG platform and therefore do not have a proven mandate.  
The Liberal Party which has existed since 1859 (or 1989, depending on your viewpoint), is fielding candidates in 19
parliamentary seats and holds 9 district / unitary council seats and 15 Parish seats. We believe the Liberal Party
has substantially greater reason to be represented in your parliamentary election coverage than the TIG and urge
the BBC - in the interests of fairness and political neutrality (representing a 'Remainer' party while not
representing a substantially larger and longer standing pro-leave party may be construed as biased, for example)
- to include the Liberal Party in it’s content and info-graphics.
I hope very much that this matter is given the serious and measured attention it deserves.
I thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,
Farès K Moussa
Liberal Party parliamentary candidate for Bridgwater & West Somerset
on behalf of The Liberal Party"

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