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Candidate Search - NEC and Parliamentary Elections
Dear Members,
The Liberal Party is currently seeking candidates, for both internal party NEC and Parliamentary Elections.
Internal Party
We are seeking candidates to serve on the Party's National Executive Committee, to ensure the party is run effectively and efficiently. We are also, seeking nominations for Party President, at the present time  only our current President Steve Radford has expressed a willingness to serve as Party President for the next two years. If you would like to support Steve, please send an email confirming you wish to nominate him, likewise if you know another member who is willing to stand, please nominate that member. We will do the necessary to confirm consent from any persons nominated. Please ensure your name and address are included on the nomination.
Parliamentary Candidates
We are still seeking members who are willing to stand in a constituency as Parliamentary candidates. If you are interested, please let us know. We have received generous donations which will allow us to fund a greater number of campaigns at the next general election, we will prioritise candidates who are willing to organise and campaign to get councillors elected to local council seats.

NEC nominations close Dec 1st.
Stephen Graham.            Nomination Officer
Paul Bradshaw                     Membership Secretary

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