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Liberal Party Annual Assembly Statement - Post Brexit Immigration Policy Motion
The Liberal Party believes in controlled immigration as the only way to ensure the adequate planning of public services, a balanced employment market, use of resources and national security.

To this end we welcome the UK having control of our borders post Brexit. We were one of the first political parties to immediately call for protection for EU citizens working and living in the UK to remain here.

We urge the government to clarify the rules on what qualifies as a serious crime to debar anyone staying for the avoidance of ambiguity and inconsistent policy application. We urge the UK government to develop immigration policies with a clear skills gap analysis rather than look purely at earning levels and wealth. We re-iterate our belief that a free movement with other commonwealth countries with a shared language, history and cultural ties.

We also believe that in any immigration policy we should see an obvious mutual advantage to give preference to Commonwealth countries who share English as a significant language and have established communities here.

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