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Letter to Reading Chronicle - Thames Water media adverts
I noticed recently the series of national media adverts by Thames Water imploring us all to save water and outlining the damage to the environment through over extract of ground water.

Unfortunately, Thames Water have omitted to mention the volumes of water lost every day through the nations leaking distribution network, nor the accumulated damage to depleted aquafers and streams.

The company itself has been a serial offender with a tardy lack of progress towards meeting targets for reducing waste through leakage and the inevitable fines from the industry regulator Ofwat.

The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency told a London conference at the beginning of March that the UK could be seeing extreme water shortages within 20 years, a combination of climate change and increased domestic demand.

The time to safeguard our nations water supply is now, when investment in pipes and leak reduction will have long-term benefits, not once the brooks and stream have started to run dry.

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