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Liberal party Special Assembly motion -North Ireland Boarder
The Liberal Party supported BREXIT in the referendum.

Liberals believe that in respect of the Northern Ireland/EU border question,  a  camera  system  should  be  installed,  similar  to  the  London  Congestion  Charge  system together with implementing a trusted trader trader system administered by the DVLA.  Such proposals are  supported  by  up  to  85%  of  the  people  in  Northern  Ireland,  according  to  a  recent  survey. 

With  regard to the present arrangements, there is a physical border, and the police on both sides, along with technical border arrangements including  VAT,  Corporation  Tax  and  personal  tax,  all work efficiently and amicably. This is part of the free travel area which has been in existence since 1922.

The major concern remains smuggling, which the proposed camera scheme would do much to ameliorate, and together with good will and close co-operation between law enforcement agencies should not present insurmountable difficulties in the absence of physical border checks.

Approved 8th January 2019

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