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Liberal Party NEC Statement – The Independent Group
The Liberal Party notes the recent migration of Labour and a smaller number of Conservative MP’s to the newly formed The Independent Group.

The Independent Group is not a full-fledged political party, instead a grouping of Parliamentary members with common cause over the handling of the BREXIT debate, and for labour members the ambiguous response to alleged anti-Semitism in their former party.

The Liberal Party sees no similarity with the 1981 creation of the SDP, and notes that the motivations of those Labour participations include dissatisfaction with their party’s leadership, and the political direction the party has drifted.

We also note the lukewarm reception the grouping has given to co-operations with the LibDems, the party which emerged from the subsequent merger of the SDP-Liberal Alliance, a merge which those who perpetuated our own party were unwilling to endorse

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