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Letter to the Reading Chronicle - Reading Borough Council annual accounts
I note with considerable despair recent media reports that the completion of the much-delayed Reading Bourgh Council accounts for the year 2016/17 continues to soak up local tax payers’ monies.
The latest reports indicate that at least 300k pounds has now been spent without the finalisation of the accounts, and that at least another 100k pounds may be needed to complete the process which is now slated for November of this year.
It was perhaps fortunate that the summers revelation on the delays came barely a week before the May local elections, giving the Labour run council an undeserved respite. The timely submission and auditing of the annual accounts reassures residents that the council is being run properly and efficiently.
Of immediate concern now is that the 2017/18 accounts are due, with no indication that the council is in any better position to deliver these.

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