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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Syria and the International Situation
The Liberal Party condemns in the strongest terms the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government upon its own people.  These weapons are horrific and have been internationally banned for almost 100 years. The world cannot allow their use to be tolerated or to be seen as in any way acceptable.
With a degree of regret, the Liberal Party recognises the necessity of the limited military strikes made by the U.S. the UK and France on 14th April 2018.
In the first instance we would reiterate that it is preferable that any such action is taken with the mandate of (or at least approval of) a UN Security Council resolution.  It is regrettable in the extreme that the efforts through the UN have been vetoed by Russia on a number of occasions, leaving the Security Council effectively deadlocked.
The Liberal Party accepts to a degree that the strikes were legal, as we are mindful of the fact that the use of chemical weapons would constitute a war crime and perhaps more pressingly nations have the right to use force to ‘alleviate humanitarian suffering’. In this case discouraging the Syrian Government from a further use of such weapons or rendering them incapable of such a further attack is likely to alleviate suffering to a degree.
We also accept that there are occasions when, for strategical or tactical purposes, it would be imprudent to seek a vote in Parliament before undertaking such action, however, we believe that the UK Government MUST allow MPs to debate this issue at the earliest opportunity, and further there MUST now be parliamentary approval before any further military action takes place.
We do not want to see any further military action taking place in Syria and to this end we urge all parties to redouble efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the ongoing Syrian crisis. In particular, we urge the Russian Government to assist in reaching a peaceful solution and implore all parties to seek such a solution with goodwill on all sides.

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