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NEC Statement - Liberal Party support for Land Value Taxation(LVT)
As national councils apply themselves to their annual budget’s, the Liberal Party wishes to publicly reiterate its support for Land Value Taxation(LVT) as its preferred method of funding public services.
In its simplest form it would levy an annual fee based on the value of land in any given area. Those who were not receiving any revenue generated by activity on their land, for example a factory paying rent, would be encouraged to either develop the site to offset the charge, or to sell it at local market rates to those who were willing to do so.
The implementation of LVT would properly fund public services and make for a modest redistribution of wealth whilst encouraging the owners of land banks to develop their holdings to the wider benefit of the community.
The Liberal Party sees LVT as the fairest way of funding hard-pressed public services during a sustained period of unjustified cuts in the name of austerity.

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