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Free Speech
The right to free expression should be, and historically is, the core of Liberalism. That fundamental right - one essential to progress because without it there can be no clash of ideas and without that we cannot discover the truth - is under attack in our society on a daily basis. Some examples:

1) The 'hate speech' laws;

2) So-called 'Safe Spaces' in universities and concomitant notions like 'no-platforming' of controversial speakers and 'trigger warnings';

3) Self-censorship on pain of social ostracism and worse like dismissal from your job. How many times have readers here bit their tongue for fear of being called a bigot of one sort or another even though you know yourself to be anything but? The term 'Islamophobia' is particularly guilty here because it equates criticism of Islam with racism - which is ridiculous; the UK abolished blasphemy laws many years ago - and dangerous; because it breeds resentment and the sort of fear of being called racist that contributed to the local council turning a blind eye to the 15+ years of mass child abuse in Rotherham.

A core principle of our political creed is under attack. Consequently our party should being speaking up against this all the time, because it is right and out of self-interest. So why are there no threads on LibTalk on this issue???

Anyone any thoughts? I'd welcome ALL contributions. Let's not walk on eggshells anymore in case we commit today's number one sin of 'giving offence' - let's have a real argument!!!


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