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NEC Statement - Defence cuts and Trident expenditure
The Liberal Party notes with concern media reports of further defence cuts, most specifically to the Royal Navy as the Ministry of Defence struggles to digest a funding deficit of 20 to 30 billion pounds over the next 10 years.

One recent report suggested that both the Royal Navy’s amphibious transport dock’s, HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark are being considered for de-commissioning or sale. These two ships were originally ordered to replace the two vessels of the Fearless class which proved so vital in the Falklands campaign.

As the recent disaster relief operation in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma showed, the UK need to retain both long distance transport and rapid response capability for both military and civil eventualities.

The ceaseless grind of austerity continues to erode our national defence capabilities, whilst the government persists with a Trident refurbishment program expected to exceed 31 billion pounds.

This is an expenditure that the Liberal Party considers to be both wasteful and a distraction from maintaining credible conventional forces.

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