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Letter to national media - Response to Vince Cable
Its interesting to read that the Lib Dem leader  chose the Mail to express his words of hate and division.  It has  left me thinking that he has subscribed to the Trump school of leadership.
Tarring a group  with the same brush (himself excepted of a course) is hardly sign of a  leader that wants to unite Britain nor one that shows  respect for the nation nor the wellbeing of all its citizens.  There is no way of being sure how any one sector voted and his prejudiced views are based on  more than a small sample of people surveyed.
Cable accuses the old of shafting the young , but then  he must know all about shafting.  He  has set aside understanding and the true human values of caring and respecting  others , He has himself shafted hope and  unity , Where is the respect or  decency in  your latest diatribe   Mr Cable?  Its time the Lib Dems moved on and if they consider themselves worthy of government again they need to demonstrate they can unite the nation not add more divisions.
 Remember todays young will be the old who will,  if we have the Lib Dems approach be vilified by tomorrows young
I think Mr Cable has spent too much time in the leafy suburban streets of west London and chosen to ignore  those in the nearby , less affluent areas or the people further out in rural Britain who, young or old struggle to make ends meet .  Those people,  Mr Cable,   felt shafted by the EU and ignored by our national  government
Was it  not the Lib Dems who shafted the young by agreeing  to policies to burden them with debt through  university fees the very government they  were part of.  They clearly  have a short memory . The  acrimony in the article is dangerous and blatant hypocrisy
Rather than blaming others and fostering hate and division the Lib Dem leader shows  should carefully consider his  own and his partys failure to convince enough people that remaining in the EU is beneficial .  
Vince Cable has now stepped down from Leadership of the Lib Dems handing the job to Jo Swinson who comes with her own baggage of the coaltion. Vince was already visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and now he will be visiting Professor at the Centre for Bexit Studies, (Bham City Uni).

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