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Published in the Oxford Times - Leasehold: An ignored issue
Among his other many virtues, former Oxford East MP sat on the All Party Committee on Leasehold Reform. According to a Guardian survey, the feudal hangover of leasehold is the housing issue that most worries those that suffer from not having freehold properties.

The Committee will be one down if Andrew's successor doesn't join it.  The likely one, Annaliese Dodds, seems unconcerned. Her team have ignored my four requests for her views on the subject.  Meanwhile I believe the Lib Dem Housing Spokesperson, Lord Shipley, wanted the issue mentioned in the Party Manifesto but in vain.  The Tories' new found sympathy with battlers doesn't seem to extend to leaseholders.

I can't find any info on Tim Barron's childhood address but Theresa May grew up in houses supplied by her father's employer, the Church of England and Jeremy Corbyn in an ex manor house. Hmm.

My Party is not standing in Oxford East.  

The Greens have a leasehold reform policy.  I shall vote for them.

Oxford Liberal Party

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