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Freedom of Movement v Freedom of Residence
Discussions on Brexit are complex, and discussions over migration from the EU post-Brexit is something which throws up many scenarios. Indeed, on this forum I have even raised a couple of ideas. As I have written elsewhere, I do not think people should be bargaining chips or some form of economic human shield - as the Tories seem to be attempting. At the same time I think public opinion is opposed to 'freedom of movement', for varying reasons. My own concerns on freedom of movement are based on ecological and sustainability reasons, which is why I beleive there is a difference between 'freedom of movement' and 'freedom of residence'.

I strongly believe EU nationals that have resided in this country for 5 or more years, and who have been law abiding citizens, should be offered nationality and full entitlement to benefits, access to services and the right to vote. But I believe future migration should be dictated by the employment market:
This is why I suggest the following measures.
  • Future migrants being offered freedom to enter the UK for a period limited to 3 months. They should¬¨‚Ć have the means to support themselves for that 3 month period as there would be no access to in-work benefits available within that 3 month period, and have adequate health insurance cover.
  • If EU nationals find regular employment, they would be offered 'Right to Residency', subject to them retaining their 'employed' status.
  • After a period of 12 months they would have entitlement to in-work based benefits and free NHS care.
  • After 5 years they may then apply for nationality.
Clearly this is simply a framework and the inner workings need to be added. Also a 'minimum rate of pay per job/trade' needs to be set to prevent undercutting of wages. Unfortunately this does occur which unscrupulous employers, and not migrant workers, are responsible for. But I believe this system represents a migration policy which is liberal (fitting nicely with current Party policy) and humane. It allows the needs of the economy to decide the level of migration required.

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