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NEC Statement - GP Surgery opening times and funding
The Liberal Party notes with concern media reports that the Government has been instructing GPs to offer longer opening hours at their surgeries, as a response to increased admission to hospital A&E departments this winter.

These demands have been backed-up with veiled threats to withdraw extra funding, and suggestions of increased reporting and monitoring of surgery activities.

The NHS is indeed short of resources, just as GP surgeries are.  Many communities are seeing increased closures and amalgamations of surgeries, often at short notice and leaving patience anxious as to where they can make appointments and seek help.

The issues of the primary health care in our country however need a long-term solution combining not just extra funding, but local and national initiatives to alleviate the demands on finite resources.

The Liberal Party points towards its own Health & Wellbeing policy document as a first step towards alleviating the demands on the NHS on a long-term basis to the benefit of the wider community.

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