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NEC Statement - Cuts to Pharmacies funding
Pharmacies in England note with alarm that the Government is making a 12% reduction to the budget available for pharmacies for the current year, with a further 7% in the following financial year.

This equates to a cut of 113 million pounds by March 2017 and a further 208 million pound cut for the period 2017-18.

The Liberal Party believes that pharmacies in our communities are a vital part of both the health service and the retail mix which keeps our high streets vibrant.

We welcomes the fact that all organisations representing pharmacies are offering to undertake more work for the NHS in a range of services which would relieve pressure on our GPs. This would mean that the GPs could then spend more time with ill patients and in turn relieve hospitals of some of their burdens.

Pharmacies could be commissioned to undertake additional services by the Local Authorities and CCG's

We further requests the Liberal Party Chair on behalf of the NEC  write to the Secretary of State for Health when these reports are produced to protest about the short sighted approach of the Government in making huge cuts in a valuable and valued front line service which could be better harnessed to save large amounts of money and provide a more localised service to patients.

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