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Position on Europe
With the country deciding on Brexit, the Liberal Party has to set it's new position. It was for many years pro-EU but also in favour of massive reform. This (wrongly in my opinion and the reason I never came onboard) changed when the referendum was announced and the Liberal Party became supportive of the Grassroots Out campaign alongside Nigel Farage et all. Personally I would have preferred to join forces with the European Free Alliance (EFA) and campaign for 'Another Europe'.

But what now?

As I have mentioned on another thread I believe the original 'Commonwealth of Europe' policy the Liberal Party stood on for many years could be its USP. Hard Brexit will fail leading to an economic downturn, yet the public do not wish to return to concept of the present EU. Working with political alliances such as EFA and others sympathetic to the idea the 'Commonwealth of Europe' policy does not have to be confined to the Liberal Party's history book, it can be reborn, relaunched and used to demonstrate the difference between the true Liberals and the others.

Regarding Brexit terms, I believe the Liberal Party should campaign to retain access to the single market and retain present environmental and workers rights legislation.
The discussion in Westminster about a Soft or Hard Brexit is naive. The UK cannot decide what the outcome is before the negotiations, that will be decided between the parties at the end. Negotiations are not like a shopping trip. The EU is mad because many of their projects will have to be cut because the second largest contributor will no longer be there. They are sop mad they want to demand reparations as if the UK had invaded Europe and plundered it.

Both the EU and UK have to start as far apart as possible because a weak opening would lead to disadvantageous outcomes.

The idea that during negotiations Parliament should be informed beggars belief. The UK would loose tactical advantage. Finally, voting in Parliament on the outcome is equally stupid. The EU have by then given their deal - take it or leave it. There is no way back into negotiations without major concessions at the expense of the UK.

My only conclusion is that MP's do not know about running a business - then how can we trust them with the economy - we cannot. I am coming to the conclusion that Westminster is on some kind of Acid Trip dancing with the daises. No wonder the electorate has lost confidence in the political system. It is a dangers situation when politicians cannot deliver. Why, because national infrastructure from communications, to education, to not telling people the truth that we cannot afford social welfare has led to balance sheet deficits and an increasingly banana republic economy.

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