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Living Wage v Citizens Income
Elsewhere on this forum I have put forward the case for a real living wage, arguing that through more progressive taxation this would be possible by removing smaller businesses such as corner shops from tax contributions it would allow them to pay the real living wage. The lost income would be recuperated through additional income tax from workers, plus additional money circulating in the economy from increased incomes.

Steve Radford in a Facebook post has made a valid point that the real living wage would increase employment costs by 30% which could lead to redundancies, and illegal employment along with the lack of workers rights that accompany it. Steve argues for a minimum wage set per industry.

Elsewhere I have also put forward the case for a version of means tested Universal Basic Income (a National Income Scheme). Again I have argued that through more progressive taxation this AND Universal Inheritance could be feasible.

A way forward could see this Citizens Income or National Income Scheme combined with industry or business income set Minimum Wages. The goal has to be providing a 'Living Income' for all citizens, allowing them to house, feed and clothe themselves and delivering people from poverty. Combine this with a Universal Inheritance lump sum to encourage business set up, investment and/or home ownership and a progressive, poverty free society can be delivered which does not dent aspirations.
I have given this very important issue some more thought and come up with the following conclusion. Again could be paid for through more progressive taxation and closing of tax loopholes.

Putting it basically:

LIVING WAGE - figure to be established through discussions with trade unions and organisations such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

MINIMUM WAGE - payable to employees, amount calculated on income or profit of business. Where practical employers would be bound to pay a sum at least equivalent to the living wage.

EMPLOYMENT TOP UP PAYMENT - payable to bring the wages of employees paid below the living wage up to the living wage level.

CITIZENS INCOME - means tested payment to provide sufficient income to cover costs of basically housing, feeding, heating and clothing each individual.

UNIVERSAL INHERITANCE - one off payment to all citizens at the age of 25

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