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West Berkshire council cuts - e-mailed to Newbury Weekly - Feb 2016
I read with regret, and some despair of the latest round of cuts being forced upon West Berkshire’s residents by central Government’s draconian reductions to council funding(Newbury Today website, 8th February) and the impending closure of 8 of the counties 9 libraries.

This news has then been rapidly eclipsed by further revelations on the extend of cuts being imposed as the Conservative council scrambles to find almost 11 million pounds worth of savings to their budget by decimating local services and provisions in the year ahead.

The truth of the matter is that Conservative government believes that the provision of public service is an unnecessary extravagance and those depending on such services the underserving poor.

This is no-longer anything to do with austerity, reducing the deficit or reducing the footprint of Government, it is a callus attempt to cut what they see an unnecessary expense.

In these circumstances no amount of panic stricken representation by Richard Benyon, the elected Conservative MP, or any other Conservative MP will change this.

It is a mind-set reinforced by last summer’s election victory, whereby the Conservatives now seem to believe they have an elected mandated  to reduces public services to the bare bones. The opposition Labour party is in no position or fit shape to oppose such cuts, and the LibDems are simply an electoral irrelevance.

In contracts Liberal Party has opposed needless cuts to public services, and believes such expenditure is vital to ensuring a properly funded and inclusive society. The means to support these via Land Value Taxation exists, and remains a central plank of Liberal party policy.

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