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Letter to Reading Chronicle - February 2016
With the suddenly realisation of the scale of cuts being forced on local councils in next year’s government settlement, we hear that representatives from the six unitary authorities in Berkshire have been to Westminster to express their dismay.

In their wake Conservative MPs is in neighbouring Newbury and Bracknell have been left scrambling to intervene on behalf of councils of their own persuasion.

Unfortunately as they are belatedly realising, their own party has scant regard for the provision of public services, and seemingly their own re-election chances.

The truth of the matter is that Conservatives see the neediest in our society are the undeserving poor, and no amount of panic stricken representations to their peers will change this philosophy.

It is a mind-set reinforced by last summer’s election victory, whereby they now seem to believe they have an elected mandated to ensure the closure of libraries, day centres and alike.

Sadly although we have the financial wealth in our country to provide fully funded public servers, along with a fully funded NHS, contrary to David Cameron’s must maligned assertion, we aren’t all in it together.

The Liberal Party has opposed needless cuts to public services, and will do so in this May’s local elections. To that end we welcome the chance to promote a Liberal Society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and public services are adequately funded and protected.

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