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PCC elections 2015 - certainly never published - August 2012
The e-mail I received this week from the Electoral Reform Society is a
timely reminder that we now have less than 3 months before the
countries first elections for Police Commissioners on the 15th

The Liberal party itself opposes the introduction of Elected Police
Commissioners as an unnecessary politicisation of the Police Service,
as well as being concerned at the rumoured cost of 75 million pounds
for these elections.

The nomination process for candidates, with its demand for a five
thousand pound deposit, returned only on reaching a 5% threshold in
the poll and the need for 100 valid signatures on the nomination
papers means that small parties and all but the most determined
Independents have been effectively excluded from the running.

Although there are encouraging signs Independent candidates are coming
forward, the electorate risk being left with a Hobson’s’ choice
between the two main political parties, and one does wonder what they
have to be afraid of aside from the loss of political influence and

Perhaps they fear maverick Independent candidates will propose
switching off speed cameras, suspending the speed limit at midnight or
even suggest the decriminalisation of drugs, as one candidate is
alleged to be considering.

What we aren’t likely to see are mainstream candidates opposing steep
cuts to Police budgets or the scrapping of bureaucratic form filling
by the police, which successive governments have rung their hand over,
but done absolutely nothing to repeal.

The right to vote is a long valued and defended principle, however it
risks being devalued by a restricted field of choice in the elections,
whilst the Electoral Reform Society is concerned a lack of publicity
for voting day could drive the turn-out below 18.5%, undermining their

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