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Letter to the Media - Conservative inheritance exceptions - April 2015
We in the Liberal Party are dismayed, but not surprised by the
Conservative Parties proposal to allow property of up to £1 million be
free of any inheritance tax on the basis that is is 'a basic human
instinct' to provide for your children.

This is a disgraceful attempt to cloak a socially devisive policy with
the warm glow of family values.

In reality such a policy will only ensure that the rich stay rich and
the poor stay poor, especially in the South East of England, where
house prices have run out of control.

The Liberal Party believes in equality of opportunity for all and thus
proposes a system of 'Universal Inheritance' whereby all inherited
wealth is taxed at 10%, in order that all can recieve an inheritance
of £10,000.

That way we can ALL provide for ALL of our children - not just the
privillaged few.

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