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Letter t the Media - May 2015 election results - May 2015
May 2015 has indeed seen an historical Conservative win in the general
election, but a dispassionate analysis of the results shows something
remains amiss in our first past the post electoral system.

The conservative parties slender parliamentary majority, is actually
based on just 36.9% of the national vote. That equates to 32244 votes
per elected MP.

By comparison the populous, insurgent UKIP, which took third place in
the general election with 12.7% of the national vote, needed 3.8
million people simply to elect one MP. The corresponding figured for
the Green Party was over 1.5million, yet the figures for Labour and
SNP were 40292 and 25972 respectively

The fairest solution to this issue is an advanced form of proportional
representation termed the Single Transferable Vote. Existing single
member constituencies would be replaced by multi-member constituencies
returning 4 or 5 MP's. Each constituency would be based on natural
communities, rather than unnatural constituencies that happen to be
the right size to return one MP.

Moreover, electors would no longer vote with an inflexible "X" - the
mark of illiteracy - but would number their candidates in order of
preference and the ballot would be counted in a way that would ensure
that their votes would be utilised as fully as possible.

That is an electoral system in which the Liberal Party would like to
see all voters believe their vote matters, and is not 'wasted' on any
party who national popularity is crowded out locally.

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