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Letter to the media - Opposition to Fracking - June 2015
No-sooner has the Conservative Party been returned to power, then The Independent(11th June) is 
reporting attempts to fast track test drilling for shale gas by dropping the requirement for public
consultations when issuing drilling permits.

The Liberal Party is opposed to any restrictions on the rights of individual communities to meaningful
consultation over fracking franchise in their geographical area.

As discussed at the Liberal Parties Party Assembly in 2013, we remain unconvinced of the economic
benefits of fracking, and remain concerned at the potential for environmental damage.

Our national addiction to 'cheap' energy means that we seem willing to despoil out own countryside with
no concern for the long-term consequences for the environment, as further emphasised by the
reported discovery of oil in the vicinity of Gatwick and prospective drilling off the Isle of Wight.

Our country relies heavily on ground water sources and bore holes which supply drinking water to the
general public with no guaranteed way of preventing contamination by the cocktail of chemicals injected
into the ground to flush out shale gas.

As popular support ebbs away for fracking, the government instead seems determined to press ahead
with a deaf ear to public opinion.

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