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Letter to the Media - Immigration - August 2015
Recent weeks has seen the undignified and ugly face of European migration, with the virtual siege of the channel tunnel complex in France by waves of migrants seeking a better life in our country.

The Sangatte refugee camps, with their third world poverty have been a fixture of the French side of the channel for some time, as both the French and British authorities have simply washed their hands of their responsibilities and hoped the problem would simply go away.

These men and a few women, most with barely the clothes on the backs and pitiful few possessions, have now reached such a sustained level that regional governments are now publically falling out with each other over their treatment.

These people have little if anything to offer to European economies and job markets, yet they appear to be caught up in some sort of migration frenzy. One does have to ask to what extent global communications and globalisation has convinced people from other continent’s to attempt a vast human migration in search of some fabled garden of Eden.

No doubt regional conflict, economic hardship and unreasonable expectations about employment in Western Europe have all played a part in this mass movement of humanity.

There is no possibility on Gods earth of holding back this tidal wave of humanity with fences, teargas and batons and the reality is that the only practical solution for the UK and French governments is to detain, registration, accommodate and then swift repatriation to their homelands of those deemed economic migrants. And all this will have to be done at the tax payer’s expense.

Anything less will simply been a rejection of our humanitarian duty.

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