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NEC Press release - Ukraine and Crimea - March 2014
I have taken the liberty of uploading the NEC Press release
issued in March 2014 in relation to the unfolding crisis in the Crimea.

Meeting on Saturday The Liberal Party National Executive noted with
grave concern, the increased tensions and provocations which have
emerged in the Ukraine and the Crimean peninsular .

We call upon both national and regional leaders to do all in their
powers to defuse tensions, and allow the rule of law to take its
course both in regard to the   legitimate government of the
Ukraine and the impending referendum on Crimean ties to the Ukraine.

We also recognise the historic ties and strategic role of the Crimea
to Russia and urge all parties to allow the people of The Crimea to
be allowed to determine their future without duress, just as the
people of the Ukraine aspirations be respected.

We likewise urge the Western Powers do nothing to inflame tensions
and divisions within the Ukraine.

Released by
Cllr Steve Radford
President of he Liberal Party

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