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Party Policy: Moving Forwards
As 2015 draws towards a close, how do we think policy in the Liberal Party should develop, and how can we promote said policy to the wider public?
A politician is a person with whose politics you don't agree; if you agree with him he's a statesman. (David Lloyd George).
Writing this in the autumn of 2016 and as an outsider and not a member, as we all know the political scene in the UK has been blown apart since Brexit.

I believe what the Liberal Party have to do is promote its USP's. Many in Britain, even those that voted Brexit, still want a stable and practical relationship with Europe, where we are part of the family but not the servants. I think this was the problem with the EU, we (the people and the nations) felt they were the servants of Europe's big business masters and not really part of the family.

There is uncertainty amongst a number of EU states and a great deal of dissatisfaction. A USP of the Liberal Party is its 'Commonwealth of Europe' policy. The Party can put forward the case for this and put the UK at the heart of forging this new vision across Europe.

As for development, I have given my vision on another thread. But in addition to my thoughts on there, I feel the Party has to look to the future. Many new recruits to the Labour Party will tire of Corbynism and what will probably be perpetual infighting. The Trotskyite influence and tactics will burn out many new recruits who will become disillusioned , some of whom will look for a new political home. Whilst welcoming certain aspects of Corbynism, the Liberal Party needs to portray it's own vision, one which offers greater freedoms.
Likewise I believe somehow the Liberal Party must try and build a presence within colleges and universities, again tapping into future generations of voters and political activists. Party activity on 'freshers' weeks (if regions can supply material and activists) could pay off.
Scott Adams – How to Use Mass Persuasion Techniques to Become President of The United States

This has nothing to do with Trump's policies only the methods he used. 

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