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Liberal Party Environmental Policy Statement
It does seem a little odd that Brexit has been the main focus of media attention during the last 3 years and particularly over the past 6 months - and should the PM's deal be approved is likely to take the best part of 10 years to be completed with likely continued media focus - when this is the period when climate scientists say that the burning of fossil fuels should phased out if temperature rises are to be limited to 1.5°C above pre industrial levels.

Judging by the commitments that nations have made - there is very little likelihood of this target being achieved - climate scientists are becoming deeply concerned that this will not take place believing there is just 5% chance of it happening. Their general belief now is that their advice will be ignored and temperatures will rise beyond 2°C, considered the tipping point, which will bring the extinction of man and many other species before the end of this century.

Whereas Brexit is important, whatever the ramifications of the outcome, any EU rules that the UK has to obey will be ignored if we [or any other country] suffered a similar event as has occurred in Madagascar and surrounding area.

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