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Regional Devolution - more than an English Issue
Clearly Cornwall has a clear case, one of 'national identity' and not simply regional identity. The proposed 'Devonwall' type constituency has really angered many, It may even be in the interest of the Liberal Party to forge a pact with Mebyon Kernow of whom it shares many similar views.

With regional democracy, much has been imposed upon areas of England, without all avenues being explored. Going back to my original post about the traditional regions of England (which I made a long time ago), could Assemblies in these regions be the future for a truly Federal UK? I also think in addition to regional assemblies there needs to be greater devolved powers to local councils. This would make those in Salop who currently have a greater affinity to the Welsh Borders than the West Midlands or Mercia have a greater say locally than the present structure.

Finally I believe what is happening at present is decisions are bypassing the people and only being decided by politicians. There needs to be a consultation process.

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