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Liberal Party NEC Statement – Solar Panel Provision on all New Build Properties
The Liberal Party welcomes the recent the rooftop renewables supporter survey by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) which asked contributors about their views on solar panel provision.

The vast majority of the 2600 respondents believed that the government should prioritise rooftop solar panel installations and solar panels should be a standard requirement on all new housing.

The Liberal Party had an agreed policy of mandating all new build properties to accommodate solar energy, supported by an adequate feed-in tariff to reward those investing in the technology.

We also believe that we should not keep building solar farms on Best and Most Versatile (BMV) arable land as this reduces the availability of prime growing land and as well as affecting wildlife in the shade of the solar farm’s rows of panels.

In step with this, the national electricity grid will need investment to allow it to accommodate the increase in domestic renewable energy production which is critical in the country's journey to net-zero.

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