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Liberal Party NEC Statement - Restoration of UK Police Officer Numbers
The Liberal Party notes the government's announcement to restore the 20000 police position's lost since 2007.
The party welcome's this move as long overdue but cautions that this process will take many months to come to fruition with the necessities of interviewing, checking references, training and deployment.
It will also take considerable time and effort to restore the community contacts and local police intelligence lost over the last 9 years in the name of austerity.
There will also need to be the provision of adequate accommodation and office space, and a restoration of the network of magistrate's court, 162 of which have been closed, which represents 50% of the pre 2010 total.

This national network should act as the first opportunity within the criminal justice system to focus on keeping people out of jail and out of crime.
Police numbers in the UK have not kept pace with the rise in the countries overall population since the 1970's and coupled with a high turnover of offices, means that some commentators caution that the number of offices needed may be in excess of double the governments estimates.

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