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Liberal Party NEC Statement – Publication of the final report of the Infected Blood E
The Liberal Party welcomes the publication of the final report of the Infected Blood Enquiry which has laid bare the decades of blatant cover-up and denial over the use of infected blood products in the NHS.

This report details the 3000 lives lost and the tens of thousands more blighted by unsafe blood products, and the cover up by medical professionals, successive governments and the NHS which has followed.

The Liberal Party proposes that I the wake of this enquiry all public bodies have a duty of candour; to be frank and honest and this should be enshrined in law.

People need to feel free to speak out and even straightforwardly apologize if they realize they are part of a mistake without being frighted of the consequences and the legal systems needs to be driven by an urgency that compensation payments are arbitrated in a timely fashion to support victims.

We need to show accepting responsibility and an emphasis on reconciling the problem and not being punitive as this too can make people evade the truth.

Promoted by Stephen Graham on behalf of the Liberal Party, 12 Dayworth Mews, Lundy Lane, Reading, RG30 2RR.

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