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Liberal Party NEC Statement – Continuation of the Gaza Conflict
The Liberal Party has watched with increase despair the resumption of violence in Gaza following the recent pause in hostilities to facilitate prisoner exchanges.

The brutal Hamas attack of the 7th October has unleashed an Israeli response which now threatens to reduce the Gaza Strip to an uninhabitable condition, threatening to envelope its 2.3 million inhabitants in an humanitarian disaster.

This operation has now exceeded any military justification other than to inflict unrecoverable damage on the Palestinians, reducing civilian infrastructure including hospitals to ruin.

According to a UN spokesperson, 5 out of 6 Palestinians have now become a refugee in their own land, driven from one end of the Gaza Strip to the other as the Israeli army continues its operations.

The Liberal Party again calls for an immediate ceasefire, and the resumption of  humanitarian aid to Gaza. We believe that the only viable long-term solution to the cycle of conflict is the implementation of a 2-state solution which provides for a viable Palestinian State.

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