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Letter to the Economist - AUKUS security pact
I read with interest the announcement of the new regional AUKUS security pact encompassing America, Australia and Britain.

Unfortunately, the first thing which sprang to mind was the ill-fated and short lived American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command, created in late 1941 with the commencement of the Pacific campaign.

Whilst there is no-longer a Dutch presence in the region, there are compelling reasons to have included the French in the new scheme, with its own military commitments in the Pacific.

The ABDA lasted a matter of months before being rendered irrelevant by military events. For AUKUS to be sustainable it should look beyond a narrow Anglo-American horizon for support and credibility.

Nor should the acquisition of advance nuclear submarines for reasons of national prestige be allowed to strain political or economic relations which may outlive any transient security pact.

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