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Letter to the Reading Chronicle - Traveller community on Kings Meadow
I noted the arrival of members of the traveller community on Kings Meadow on Thursday the 16th Sept.

Such unannounced incursions are a perpetual issue which will continue until our local authority address some very basic issues.

The first is the on-going failure of Reading Borough Council to provide the transit spaces they most recently mentioned in April during the local elections. This would allow the council to manage the arrival’s and to ensure no conflict with the local community.

Such a provision however has no public support at a time of cuts to public services without the occupants of the transit site paying an appropriate overnight fee.

Once a transit site has been designated the occupants will have no excuse or reason to intrude into the local community and if they do so the local authority and police force should have the determination to challenge this behaviour with the appropriate sanction.

I fully accept that it is a small minority of the UK traveller community causing a public nuisance, but until the council takes the first steps to manage the issue, the unannounced arrivals will continue indefinitely to the detriment of Reading council tax paying residents.

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