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Liberal Party Environmental Policy Statement - Dec 2020
Environment Policy Motion - Climate Change

The Liberal Party acknowledges that there is now little doubt that we humans, along with most other species on the planet, will face the most challenging time in recorded history during the remainder of this century – and that challenge for each species will be survival.

We humans have a particular responsibility to do whatever we can to minimise the extent other species are being forced into extinction, primarily through climate change and loss of habitat, more so as it is we who have knowingly and recklessly created the conditions that have caused these events - which have rightly been described by Sir David Attenborough as CRIMES.

The Liberal Party accepts it is not all humans who are responsible for these criminal acts, but a select few.

The primary task for The Liberal Party and others with similar concerns, is to expose and publicise these culpable acts by all legal means available. Additionally, we must network with like-minded groupings at home and in other countries to ensure they too are working to expose global corruption and to press their government for change.

David Attenborough in his book and supporting video ' A Life on Our Planet' has set out his vision of what we must do to prevent a catastrophic mass extinction. As part of our Post Pandemic Recovery & Renewal manifesto, the Liberal Party adopts his vision to guide the establishment of policies that support the delivery and promotion of practical solutions.

Following this the Liberal Party will be revising its green and environmental policies to reflect the current scientific consensus.

Motion passed at Liberal Party Special Assembly 6th Dec 2020
It is helpful the NEC has passed this motion. However, the words of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres need to be kept in mind:

"Our planet is broken," he warned. Humanity is waging what he describes as a "suicidal" war on the natural world.

"Nature always strikes back, and is doing so with gathering force and fury," he told a BBC special event on the environment.

Referring to the apocalyptic fires and floods seen in recent years, Mt Guterres acknowledged that It is an ambitious agenda, but he said that radical action is needed now.

"The science is clear," Mr Guterres told the BBC, "unless the world cuts fossil fuel production by 6% every year between now and 2030, things will get worse. Much worse.

Presently global emissions of CO2 are increasing and will do so to an ever greater extent if the goal of many of the global corporations is achieved - to return to normal - once the Covid crisis is over, likely by the end of next year in the UK.

In relation to the Party - clearly it matters little what it does - because it has so few members - both active and inactive. It needs as a minimum at least one MP, so that its views can be made known in the House of Commons either via a bi-election or at the next general election. Even with this - its impact will be slight - given that the target is to reduce CO2 emissions by 6% each year until 2030. 

If this deadline is missed it is acknowledged that there will be little chance of avoiding the mass extermination of many species including humankind.

What is to be done if the Party is not to be emasculated with regard to this critical issue - it must find a way to substantially increase its active membership - but how?

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