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Liberal Party NEC Statement - The National Response to the Developing Covid-19 Pandem
The Liberal Party notes the recent Govt announcement re-imposing restrictions on social gatherings as the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK continues to rise.

With a viable vaccine up to 18 months away we believe the country can only balance competing social and economic forces by maintaining a social distancing policy, an effective track and trace system and a responsibly managed shielding scheme for the most vulnerable.

We believe that the country should continue to maintain the mantra of flatten the curve as was emphasis at the start of the pandemic.

We note the reports of mass infections at factories and meat processing facilities which have necessitated the 14 day quarantine of a considerable number of low paid workers and their families and believe nobody should face financial hardship or the threat of homelessness in these circumstances.

We believe rules on statuary sick pay for those affected should be revised as a matter of urgency and that the furlough scheme remains relevant to many sectors of the economy most particularly the hospitality sectors, restaurant, clubs and theatres who face an open-ended curtailment on their activities.

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